Neighborhood Watch


The Sumner County Sheriff’s Office sponsors a Neighborhood Watch Program. It has been our experience that caring and concerned neighbors can make a difference in preventing and deterring criminal activity. Neighborhood Watch Program volunteers have successfully reduced criminal activities in their areas and provided assistance to law enforcement to apprehend those criminals who chose to operate in our communities.

Members of the Sheriff’s Office will meet with any interested neighbors and assist with an organizational meeting to discuss an overview of the Neighborhood Watch Program. Follow up meetings can be scheduled to formalize a Crime Watch Coordinator, select Block Captains, and provide assistance for posting of signs and distribution of literature.

If you are interested in starting a neighborhood watch program in your area, please contact any of the following:

Sheriff Sonny Weatherford:  (615) 442-1821

Detective Ron Brawner:  (615) 442-1873

Lt. Carl McCoy: ( 615) 452-2616 VM 1711