Sumner County VORP

Click here to download the VORP brochure (PDF)

VORP (Victim/Offender, Reconciliation Program), is a non-profit, non-governmental agency that helps people in our community resolve disputes through the process of mediation. 

The program was established in January of 2000 at the request of Judge Barry Brown. In June 2004 we began accepting referrals from General Sessions Court. Judge James Hunter has been pleased with the results and is very supportive of our program. Sumner Mediation Service currently serves both sumner County Juvenile Court and General Sessions Court.

VORP Criteria

  1. Offender is not a habitual criminal
  2. There is an identifiable victim
  3. Offender acknowledges responsibility
  • VORP can accept refferals from a judge or any court officer. This includes DA's, Public Defenders, Probation Officers, Police Officers and Court Referees.
  • VORP can accept cases which the nature of the offense is property related or simple assault. This includes theft, vandalism, burglary, domestic assault, assault, unruly child with parent or a sibling as the victim.

VORP offers services at no charge to the participants. VORP depends on grants and donations from communitymembers and local businesses. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact VORP at (615) 414-0304.

Click here to download the VORP brochure (PDF)