Sumner County Sheriff’s Office “Homeward Bound” Program

“Building Futures One Step At A Time”

  • Sheriff Sonny Weatherford and the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office are committed to improving the community for the citizens of our county. With this goal in mind, the Sheriff’s Office has partnered with volunteers who share in this commitment.
  • There are people in our jail for a variety of reasons. Some never finished high school. Others never had the opportunity to learn any job skills. We have people in jail that have no idea how to open a checking account or to create a household budget. Together, we can help some of these people turn their lives around and they can become taxpayers instead of a tax burden.
  • Homeward Bound is a program which helps provide inmates the opportunities and contacts needed to function when they are eventually released back to their communities. A great number of those inmates in county jails have substance abuse problems, emotional and cognitive problems and educational deficiencies that hinder their ability to find employment and cope with everyday life. Both research and history tell us there is a significant link between a lack of life skills, education, employment and incarceration.
  • The purpose of the Homeward Bound program is to give prisoners the opportunity to engage in counseling, education and strategy to develop positive change in their lives and involve them in appropriate programming in order to make that change.
  • While incarcerated, eligible inmates have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of programs. Because we have partnered with a variety of community agencies, continued opportunities are available for inmates who are released.
  • Staff and volunteers will be a support base for these inmates as they address the issues that keep bringing them back to jail. The staff and sponsors will be there to provide a positive role model for the inmates, as well as insuring accountability as the inmate is prepared and ready for job placement while still incarcerated and working the program.
  • By supporting inmate programs that promote positive change, family values, education, life skills, job readiness and placement, we can reduce recidivism and break the cycle of failure for many offenders. What is invested in these individuals today may be gained in productive citizens tomorrow.

One Step at a Time...To a Brighter Future