Grand Opening Bob and Connie Barker Animal Control Facility
On 6-16-11, Sheriff Sonny Weatherford is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of the Bob and Connie Barker Animal Control Facility. This new facility which had been a vision of former Sheriff Bob Barker and Connie Barker has now become a reality in which the lost and abandoned animals will have a cleaner and enviromentally controlled building to be housed in pending being claimed by their owner or being adopted. The Barker's main vision is that this building will be a better place for the public to visit and want to spend more time with the animals in a much more confortable enviroment in the hopes that they will take their time in making sure the animal they choose is right for them. A professional staff consisting of at least four (4) certified Deputies has been assigned to this facility to assist the public in animal cases ranging from stray cats and dogs to animal cruelty cases. Sheriff Weatherford has staffed the facility with professional clerical people to assist the public and answer any questions related to animal control and care and adoption. Sheriff Weatherford greatly thanks the County Comissioners for their support in seeing this project thru not only for the animals and public in Sumner County but also in honoring Bob Barker a close friend and one of the greatest persons ever to serve Sumner County along with his amazing wife Connie.