Inmate Property

Inmates will no longer be permitted to receive any property that is not issued by the jail or purchased by the inmate through commissary services. Clothing & Other Issue for New Inmates: Each incoming inmate classified to population must be fitted with clothing suitable for the season, and provided basic hygiene items. Clothing issued to new arrivals consists of the established quantities of the following items:

1. Footwear (on an as needed basis only);

2. Pants;

3. Shirts;

4. Blanket and sheets;

5. Soap;

6. Toothbrush and paste;

7. Comb;

8. Cup;

9. Mattress;

10. Visitation list;

11. Toilet Paper;

12. Hygiene material for women;


In addition to the above items inmates may purchase authorized items such as hygiene items, over the counter medications, clothing items, snacks, beverages and other miscellaneous items, Items ordered by the inmate will be deducted from the inmate’s trust fund account and delivered to the inmate by commissary services. When a person in processed into the Sumner County Jail, any money the inmate has will be deposit into the inmates’ trust fund account.