The Sumner County Sheriff’s Office has contracted with Tennessee Business Enterprise (TBE) to provide a computerized inmate accounting system. The system will establish and maintain the collection of medical fees and damage to county property costs. It will also provide commissary services to inmates. Any money the inmate has will be submitted to TBE for deposit into the inmate accounting system.  When an inmate is released from jail the released individual will be provided a debit card with their remaining balance due to them credited to the card. If the released individual deems to opt out of the debit card, they may fill out a form that will be sent to TBE and TBE will issue them a check via the mail. If an inmate is released and transferred to the custody of another agency, then the same form will be filled out and a check will be issued, no card will be issued.

Should an inmate be released before TBE has deposited the inmate funds, every effort will be made to return said funds to the inmate upon release.

The inmate will be allowed to use his/her funds to order and purchase authorized items such as hygiene items, over the counter medications, clothing items, candy, snacks, beverages and other miscellaneous items. Items ordered by the inmate will be deducted from the inmate’s account and delivered to the inmate by TBE.

Commissary is delivered twice a week. Money needs to be on an inmate's account at least by: Midnight on Sunday for Tuesday delivery, and Midnight on Wednesday for Friday delivery. We have several different ways to add money to an inmate's account.

  1. Money Order


The inmate’s name and identification number must be written on the money order. You can either drop the money order off at the commissary’s mail box located in our visitation lobby, or mail the money order to:

Sumner County Jail

Commissary Services

117 West Smith Street

 Gallatin, TN  37066


  1. Onsite Kiosk

You can come to the Sumner County Jail and deposit money on an account using the kiosk machine located in the visitation lobby. You must have a government issued I.D.  to use this kiosk.  The Kiosk accepts Debit, Credit, or Cash. The Kiosk does not accept one dollar ($1.00) bills.


  1. Phone, Website, or App

Toll-free deposit hotline – 855-836-3364. The toll-free deposit hotline is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The deposit hotline can process any debit or credit card for deposit. – Our deposit website is where you can process debit or credit card for deposit.

JailFunds app – Download the free JailFunds app for either Apple or Android devices. This app can process debit or credit cards for deposits.


The fees to process a debit or credit card are the same regardless of the method used to complete the deposit.


When a deposit is completed, you will receive a confirmation number. You can opt to receive a text or email receipt when entering the deposit information.