Civil Service Commission

The Sumner County Sheriff’s Office is governed by State of Tennessee Private Chapter No. 102, House Bill No. 3298, Private Acts of 2000.

The majority of Sumner County Sheriff's Office full time employees are known as “classified employees”. Employment, advancement or promotional testing procedures are administered by the Civil Service Commission on the advise of the Sheriff. Testing is offered annually and more often as necessary.

The following positions within the Sheriff’s Office are declared to be classified positions within the meaning of the Civil Service Act provided the positions are full time permanent positions: Lieutenant, Sergeant, Deputy, Detective/Investigator, Deputized Clerical, Office Staff, Communications Officer, Corrections Officer, Warrants Officer, Court Officer, Juvenile Detention Officer and Cook.

On February 1st of each year, a new classified position list is established by examination and any applicant shall take such examination before he or she can be eligible for listing as an applicant for a classified position. This applies regardless whether a person was listed on a former classified position list.

The first twelve months of employment are declared to be a probationary period and such employee shall be for every purpose an “at will” employee. Part time employees and administrative staff positions are not covered under the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office Civil Service Act, are considered “at will” employees and serve at the pleasure of the Sheriff.

Promotional testing within the Sheriff’s Office is defined as “any classified employee seeking advancement or promotion with the sheriff’s department for any classified position as hereinafter defined shall first be examined and declared qualified by the commission.”

The Civil Service Commission members are selected by the employees, the Sheriff and the County Commissioners to serve 2 year staggered terms.

The 2022 Sumner County Sheriff’s Office Civil Service Commission members are :

Sheriff’s Representative: Bill Johnson
Employee Representative: Ed Williams
Employee Representative: Bryna L Grant
County Commission Representative: Terry Mimms
County Commission Representative: Leonard Moudy


Monthly Civil Service Board Meetings  are on: 2/28/22, 3/21/22, 4/18/22, 5/16/22, 6/27/22, 7/18/22, 8/15/22, 9/19/22, 10/17/22, 11/14/22, 12/12/22 and they start at 530pm. 


If anyone has anything they would like to bring before the board, please contact Ja'Net Geche 48 hours in advance.