Animal Control Division



Animals currently in custody can be found here.

Hours of operation for animal intake  9:00am - 4:00pm Tuesday - Saturday (excluding holidays)
Adoption hours:  10:00am - 4:00pm Tuesday - Saturday    CLOSED ON SUNDAYS AND MONDAYS

Note: Hours of operation are subject to availability of staff. Responses to citizen complaints for services in the field take priority over the shelter staffing.

Location:  1033 Union School Road in Gallatin, Tennessee 37066. From the intersection of Dobbins Pike & Albert Gallatin turn onto Dobbins pike and make your 1st right in fromnt of Benny Bills Elementary and behind the Sumner County Health Department. The building also sits to the rear of the Gallatin Civic Center. Telephone:  (615) 452-2400

Note: We have an automated telephone system that allows callers to leave a message while our staff is cleaning the facility, showing adoptable animals, unloading supplies and performing other duties outside of the office. Our staff responds to all messages as soon as possible. Should you need emergency assistance, please dial 911.


Sumner County Animal Control has been a Division of the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office since 2009. We moved into our new state of the art Animal Control Facility in May of 2011. Our facility has a 51 kennel dog intake, 43 cat kennel intake for a total of 94 intake kennels. On the adoption side. We have 21 dog adoption kennels and 27 cat adoption kennels. As well as a cat play room and visitation room for families to introduce their existing pets to their potential new pets.

Our goals are:

1. To shelter and provide care for stray, abused, and relinquished animals.

2. To reunite lost pets with their owners. However, if the owners are not found we will see if the animals meet the criteria for adoption or rescue.

3. To educate the citizens of Sumner County about the over population of pets and the importance of spay and neuter programs that is available.


Adopting a friend:

Dogs and cats:

Not Spayed/Neutered or vaccinated $25.00 deposit.  Deposit is refunded after the adoptee shows proof of spay/neuter and vaccination.

Vaccinated but not spayed/neutered.  $30.00 plus $25.00 deposit.  Deposit is refunded after the adoptee shows proof of spay/neuter.  Total: $55.00

Spayed/neutered and vaccinated.  $30.00.

CASH; we do not have a debit card machine at this time. (Please bring exact change if at all possible as staff does not have the ability to give change.) All adoption animals are spayed/neutered, current on vaccinations, and microchipped prior to adoption. We have a simple application process; just bring an ID; fill out an application with a few questions and your pet will go home with you that same day.

Adoptable pets can be also found at .


Turning in strays and/ or relinquishing your personal pets:

You must provide a current ID (Driver’s License) showing you are a current resident of Sumner county.

We do not accept animals from other counties. Please for the safety of our visitors, adoption pets and staff; leave the animal secured in your vehicle until you come in and complete your paperwork. Once you have completed the paperwork. Staff will come out and retrieve your animal and bring into our intake area.  Intake is Tuesday thru Saturday from 9am-4pm.


Our animal control staff members are National Animal Control Association (NACA) trained and certified.

Lt. Chris Tarlecky             

Deputy Glenn Baun          

Deputy Stephen McNeil

Rebecca Lester            



Special Thanks for donations of supplies, materials and services from:

A Place To Bark Rescue
Avanti Gourmet
Beech High School students
Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary
Friends of Hannah at Hairy Moose Pet Retreat
Gallatin High School students
Gallatin Co-Op
Gallatin Tractor Supply
Gallatin Wal-Mart
Glenda's Lab Rescue
Hendersonville Girl Scouts Brownie Troop 2925
Hendersonville Wal-Mart
Humane Society of Sumner County
Humane Society of the United States
Loving Kittens Rescue
My Menagerie Pet Rescue
Portland High School students
Safe Place for Animals
Sumner County 4-H Club
Sumner County Humane Voters
Sumner Spay & Neuter Alliance
Volunteer Equine Advocates


Animal Control Wish List:

Animal needs

Cat litter (any brand)

Purina kitten food (wet or dry)

Purina adult cat food

Dog soft treats & dental sticks

Dog leashes and collars

Soft blankets or towels for kennels

Gently used pet crates/taxis

Cat toys and treats


Shelter needs

Powdered laundry detergent (any brand)

Trash bags (any size or length)

Paper towels

Dawn dish soap

Bleach (any brand)




Help us control the pet population of Sumner County.
Please spay or neuter your pets.